AI and the tightrope of truth

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In this month’s PR Horizons I explore AI and the ‘tightrope of truth’ that organisations have started to walk in the last few weeks. We look at how political parties have begun their dance of deception using generative AI and we’ll also look at coming legislation that’s designed to rein in some of the effects and impacts of artificial intelligence. I touch on this month’s announcements from the major players as they race to get ahead and I’ve also got some questions for you to consider concerning your own and your organisation’s AI journey.

Everything and everyone is not as they should seem this month – one day the Titans are warning how dangerous at all is, the next they’re parading their latest shiny new toy. One of the major problems is the pace of change, and the inability of us poor old humans to keep up with the implications of generative AI and other machine learning applications as they are released into the wild. The great content churn is well underway and we’re seeing more frequent examples of misinformation disguised as productivity – AI applications start to make stuff up and it’s shared in volume.

The companies behind it all are heroes one day and villains the next and we saw this month the emergence of models trained on the Dark Web. You can access the full briefing here and find out more about the ways in which political parties have already begun to use generative AI to produce images that mislead.