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Public Relations – Purpose and Practice

What is public relations?

The answer to ‘what is public relations’ is simply this: public relations builds and sustains the relationships organisations need to keep their licence to operate.

And that’s our purpose – building and maintaining the vital relationships. Relationships that improve society, bridge divides, move towards greater equity.

To build those relationships, good communication is vital and we use four forms – oral, visual, written and experiential – with written communication the most widely recognised. Good communication, good behaviour and mutual understanding are the supporting elements that put the relationship at the heart of all we do. 

Watch the video for some answers and mid-way through you’ll encounter Arrow’s Atom Model of Public Relations which demonstrates how everything works.

What is licence to operate?

Every organisation – public or private sector, charity or not-for-profit – has a licence to operate. It is given by those who have a stake in the organisation – customers, voters, donors, employees and more.  Keeping a licence to operate requires a good relationship – complete with all its dimensions of trust, loyalty, satisfaction, mutuality, understanding and reputation.

Which is where public relations and communication management comes in – our purpose is building and sustaining the relationships our organisations need to keep their licence to operate.  Watch the video for an overview of what’s involved.

What’s our future?

The role for public relations today – and in the future – is to provide strategic counsel that guides relationships, reputation and supports organisational purpose and outcomes. Our future role will be data-driven, AI-powered, immersive and ethical. Our approach and undertaking will use methods of connection and communication quite different to those of the past – which is where we can help you. Join us and look over the horizon. Learn what’s next now.