Mick and the media – a masterclass

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This post is really an ‘in case you missed it’ mention of the marvellous Mick Lynch, secretary-general of the UK’s National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT). During the northern hemisphere summer there has been a series of strikes and industrial action taken by RMT over pay and conditions. Mick Lynch has done a remarkable job of representing the 40,000 members and he has been masterful in his management of media interviews.

Much of the British press is known for its shallow approach, influenced by mega-rich publishers. High standards of journalism are seldom demonstrated and most of the time reporting leaves viewers and readers frustrated and irritated. Interview subjects find themselves interrupted, balance is all but invisible and instead of trying to elicit an informed response, the aggression and posturing by journalists instead illuminates the interviewer’s ego rather than shedding light on the issues.The edit above shows us hope is not lost. That a sincere, persistent, articulate and informed individual who has absolute clarity of purpose can overcome the tawdry standards of journalism we’ve had to live with for so long.