Navigating Strategy – our new era challenge

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In a world turned upside down, how do you develop strategies to navigate uncertain times? How do you develop strategic relationships that will help you survive and thrive in times of global recession? Available early July, our new course, Navigators, gives you the opportunity to find out how. I’ve been looking ahead these last few months and, as we have slowly worked our way through lockdowns, dramatic societal change and new ways of operating, I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to guide fellow practitioners through the twists and turns of strategy development, examining some of the changes we face and how best to meet them. 

We must constantly challenge ourselves to explore new approaches and new thinking so we can help our organisations make sense of what’s ahead and maintain the relationships they need to maintain their licence to operate. Understanding the process, looking beyond the tactical – the ‘sending out stuff’ – is critical if our discipline is to remain relevant. I hope you’ll find this guided professional development session both useful and informative. Old rules don’t apply – take some time to navigate the new ones.