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Today’s World Health Organisation declaration of pandemic changes the game.

Life is going to be very different during this pandemic stage and down the track, we’ll be viewing life in two separate chunks – pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19. Our post-COVID-19 society and economy will look very different. I’ve put together the COVID-19 resource for small businesses and solo communicators – email me for a download. It will be updated regularly as situations develop and there’s useful information for anyone involved with communications right now. 

Another urgency for us isn’t just dealing with the situation we are faced with now – we need to look beyond the now and into what will be the ‘new normal’ in the years ahead. The ‘flatten the curve’ graph has been widely shared and illustrates what happens without intervention – flattening the curve helps reduce impact on health services – but there is another curve that needs the attention of those of us outside the health system – the confidence curve.

As the pandemic heightens and spreads, confidence and trust in organisations, social and economic systems rapidly diminishes.We all need to tend to this curve throughout the crisis phase as, without care, it will extend far longer than the pandemic and, together with trust, must be smoothed and sent upwards so when all are well, societies can recover and regroup – albeit in a very different way to the way we’ve been operating for the best part of a century.The post-COVID19 world will be very different, challenging and require a lot of work from all of us to create what will essentially be new systems and – hopefully – an improved society.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you stay well, stay informed and stay kind.​