Resolutions for change – a top three

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It’s funny how we measure ourselves at the start of each year. Not all individuals or cultures mark this particular date but for many, January 1 assumes a multi-faceted mantle of change.

The magic of a year turning enchants us with possibility so we plan and we plot ways to improve or alter our behaviours. This year, alongside my own reflections on self-improvement, I found myself thinking about resolutions on a larger scale. What would I ask organisations, communities and governments to change in the year ahead with the focus – of course – on communication and the relationships they hold with their stakeholders?​ Over the summer holidays I thought about this a great deal – and ended up with a very long list of potential improvements. Harder still was whittling the list down to a ‘top three’ that could be used by any organisation, large or small, public or private – but here goes.

In at number one – listen – which is not as obvious as you might think. And by ‘listen’ I don’t mean the selfish vanity listening so many undertake. Real listening discovers the true health of stakeholder relationships. It identifies who needs attention, who needs help, what needs to be improved and ways this could be accomplished. Then, what is heard must be understood so the right actions can be taken at the right time. 

Which brings us neatly to number two – learn. There is much to be learnt from listening and a willingness to learn allows organisations to develop the ability to adapt, to grow – and to survive in today’s continual upheaval.

Finally, number three: remember. Listen, learn – and remember what was necessary to move closer to your purpose as an organisation. Remember where you started, what you hoped to achieve in those early days and, most importantly, remember the mistakes you’ve made along the way. What have you learnt from those mistakes? What did you have to do in order to correct them? How will it inform your progress in the future. 

Three simple resolutions that could, together, make your organisation a better – and more effective – place to be. I wish you great resolve and great success for 2022.