Switching into PR? Here’s some help

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​Frustrated that I can’t fix the big stuff that’s gone to custard in the world this year, I’ve aimed instead to do as many small things as I can on the basis they might help at least one person.

SWITCH is a free training course for those new to public relations and it is a course I’ve developed to help with the small things – although in training terms it’s a big juicy session with a packed 90 minutes of information and insights to help you on your way.

Created to help you move from another sector into public relations – perhaps you’ve lost your newsroom job or you’ve found yourself made redundant thanks to COVID-19 – it guides you through all you need to know about public relations – what it is, what it does, working environments, ethics, tech, what you need to learn, what to expect and how to get started.​

Find it here and let me know how you get on