We’re in a bad romance

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This month’s PR Horizons looks at the tortured romance between AI and humans, confirm why, in the words of New Zealand’s ex-Police Chief Mike Bush that ‘minutes matter’ when crisis hits, and finally, why you need to be thinking about sharpening up your foresight to develop the situational intelligence that we’ll need for what lies ahead.

April’s AI developments have had me humming Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ pretty much the whole month. Things have got tangled and twisty and the complexity, the number of ethical monsters emerging from the AI closet, bad behaviours and misuse has continued to increase at pace – but the global infatuation has strengthened to the point of obsession. The month started with a report from the US and Europe on steps towards regulating the AI-sphere. Europe has had legislation in the pipeline for the last couple of years. But lawmakers have been at loggerheads as to how to adapt, change or amend the proposals to stem the flood of generative AI and its application. You can access the briefing here, format is podcast with pictures and I’d recommend checking out the tips for improving your foresight.