Who guards your galaxy? How to tell good stories in the digital age

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Relationships are hard work – so with organisational relationships at the heart of public relations and communication management, it’s no surprise that we work hard. But how much of that work is wasted just because we can’t tell a good story?​ And by a good story, I don’t mean churning out ‘good’ news on behalf of our organisation or client. I mean a good story that develops understanding, initiates or sustains a relationship, improves knowledge and keeps our attention from start to finish. 

Historically, the visible ‘output’ of PR and communication programmes was the mainstream media story – in the paper, on the TV or radio but times move on and our storytelling now is direct to our stakeholders and communities, in whatever form suits them best. 

I’m a big fan of Guardians of the Galaxy. Fell in love with the first one and the opening frames of Volume 2 are among the best storytelling scenes around today. No spoilers here but the genius of those opening titles was perspective. A battle fought and won but from the perspective of Baby Groot, doing the kind of stuff kids do best when ‘adults’ are getting on with the daily grind. 

My question to you is this. Who guards your galaxy? Who are the heroes and heroines inside your organisation that exemplify your values, behaviours and provision? Finding the story that develops understanding is the hard task – sending it out in whatever form is easy.

So, think about the people in your organisation. How can you provide them with a voice? And will it be a written story, a visual one, will you tell them or will you help them experience the adventure?If you’re not sure where to find the story, head on over and sign up for one of our storytelling sessions – and have some fun.