Dear Scott Morrison – time to learn how to be a leader

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Crisis communication, Leadership, Trust

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I’ve started another blog as part of a training and development undertaking for a client and this week I addressed the lack of leadership and sheer disregard for an emergency situation demonstrated by Australia’s leader Scott Morrison. As Australia burns, he’s been off on holiday, reluctantly returning only under media pressure, then off hosting the cricket instead of addressing the out-of-control blazes destroying lives and property – seemingly oblivious to the needs and situation of the thousands of Australians caught in the middle of this horrendous disaster.

I wrote last year about the need for compassion in leadership. Tragically, such compassion appears to be sadly lacking in any of the actions presented by Morrison. The letter is here if you fancy a read but as an example of how not to manage or lead in a crisis Scott Morrison will be cited as an example for decades to come. And if you find yourself working with a leader like Scott Morrison who is evidently struggling with their role – call me, I’d be delighted to help you develop their understanding as to society and stakeholder expectations and what they need to do, rather than what they need to say. Actions always, always speak louder than words.